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09:06AM plumpm0nkey : hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
08:50AM mjbt83 : annyone?
08:48AM mjbt83 : any way to search for DVD-r films...not these crappy little compress ones
08:22AM honeypot : ok
08:13AM BonesWithPD : i will see how these go then ad more
08:13AM BonesWithPD : They are seeded now if you want
08:08AM BonesWithPD : anyone out there?
07:59AM BonesWithPD : check them out let me know what you think
07:59AM BonesWithPD : ok i have seeded 2 one is from pornholio and other is from romp
07:47AM BonesWithPD : ill make a torrent check it out see what you think
07:46AM BonesWithPD : yeah but not porn games like pornholio's charlie
07:44AM honeypot : games would be on loki
07:42AM BonesWithPD : flash toon games
07:41AM BonesWithPD : you know what i would like to see here
07:29AM honeypot : was deejaying
07:29AM honeypot : just got it sorry
07:04AM BonesWithPD : ....
06:49AM SoulBrew : Still waiting....
06:44AM SoulBrew : Honeypot, check your inbox
05:01AM honeypot : check out the forum i got mu own section u might like