First things first, this site is a legal site. It is possible that some postings on this site may represent software illegally shared, but postings are not illegal. We wouldn't be running it if they were.

I offer posting removal as a service to those who wish to not have their products posted here, as I would not want my products posted here, either. So, in the spirit of working together, I make it a point to work with all companies that contact me in removing and preventing any copywritten works from being posted on this web site.

Please understand prior to contacting us that this web site is not the offender here, so please keep all correspondence polite (you laugh, but I've received everything from legal threats to outright hate mail in the past). The people that are sharing the software posted here are able to share it completely without the use of the site. The site is merely a means of posting what people are sharing.

We do our best to work with companies in removing postings that announce the sharing of software that you (your company) own the copyrights, in order to, in a miniscule way, prevent users from sharing your software, at least by means of our site.

As always, let us know if you have any ideas, as we have done all we can to prevent such things from happening short of taking over the world.

Okay, I got that first part, now how do I get a posting (or sometimes several postings) removed?

Simply email us at [email protected] the exact links to software your company has written (and therefore own outright) and we will remove those postings as soon as we are able (usually within 24 hours, sometimes much sooner).

Please do not send removal notices of software that you do not own, as they will be ignored. This service is only for copyright holders.

An average email should contain at least this:

Good morning,

I am from suchandsuch company, and we noticed a few postings
for software which we own and we would like them removed as soon as possible:

Please let me know when this has been completed.


your name
your company
You may add the software titles for documentation purposes if you wish, but we do not require that.

We will reply to your email when we have removed the postings, so that you may have confirmation they have been removed successfully.

This is a well-used service, these are some quotes taken from companies mailing us.

QUOTE (A.D. Vision, Inc.)
'ADV thanks you for reply and appreciates your proactive manner in dealing with this situation.'
QUOTE (Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment)
'Thank you for your rapid response.'
QUOTE (Microsoft Corp.)
'Thank you for your message and continued cooperation. I believe that your suggestion to use hashes [for banning torrents] will assist in preventing abuse of your system.'
QUOTE (Stardock)
'Let me say that I appreciate the link (and instructions) that you provide for software developers that want to have their software removed and blocked from future posts. You have the right idea.'

We are currently working on a 'search filter' system which will allow copyright holders to filter their copywritten works from our search feature. This way, when someone searches for your works on our site, they will be shown a 'no results' window, even if someone has posted a torrent that possibly represents your illegally shared content via our site. We hope this will further curb the illegal use of our site for the purpose of copying your content.

If you wish to become part of this new effort, simply send us send us a txt file with a listing of your company's copywritten works (titles of them), one per line, to [email protected] with a subject of 'copyright list' and we will begin filtering out any searches for those titles.

Best wishes,

The Muff Torrent staff

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