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Please click here for easy directions on how to get it removed only after reading our Terms and Conditions.

Anyone who posts a torrent listed in the banned torrents list (located on the upload page) will be banned forever from this site without warning

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>  12/08 - Uploading is working once again (by lowkee)
In our haste to show off our new and improved speedy site, we broke our torrent uploading screen. Well, after figuring out our blonde moment, we have fixed it!

Thanks for your patience, and please reupload any files that did not successfully upload in the past few days, as we had to remove them.

>  11/27 - New DUAL CPU server has been installed! (by lowkee)
Alrighty! Our new dual CPU SQL server is up and running. The forums should be up as soon as the DNS servers update.

This new server is a killer powerful server which should carry LokiTorrent and Mufftorrent well into 2024 without issue.

Enjoy YOUR faster, smarter, better torrent site and be sure to keep those donations coming in, so we can pay for this stuff :)

>  11/08 - Muff Torrent is open for business! (by lowkee)
This site is made for porn, porn and nothing but porn.

This is NOT an extension of LokiTorrent, but is a completely new site with it's own site chat, IRC chat, forums and trackers.

Enjoy your new home for everything adult, and be sure to let us know of anything that's broken or missing by posting in our 'site support' forum, and we'll see to getting it fixed/added as needed.

Happy torrenting, and spread your muff!

>  Recent Additions/Changes
>  12/18 - New Torrent Listing Page! (by lowkee)
We have consolidated our search and torrent listing pages, completed recoded our listings layout and adding even more functionality to LokiTorrent.

Now searching and browsing are located all on the same page.

"Why waste the extra click?" is our motto! Enjoy!

>  11/09 - PeerGuardian blocks removed (by lowkee)
As people had too many issues with the PeerGuardian bans, I have disabled them on MuffTorrent as well as LokiTorrent.

If you know someone that had issues with them, let them know they are welcome back, now, as they won't have those problems anymore.

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