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Rules for the Mufftorrent.com IRC-chat.
You must have java installed to chat here, click here to install it.
This chat is also available via IRC at irc://irc.lokitorrent.com:6667/
The channel is: #mufftorrent

  • If you want to request a torrent or have a request for the site, check our forums first
  • Do not PM operators uninvited, we only help in main chat
  • The Ops in the chat may not be mods on the main site, but they still have our ear
  • Please don't advertise (IRC servers/channels, websites not relating to torrents)
  • Do not flood the chat (A lot of lines in a row).
  • Bots (IRC robots) are always run by an operator
  • Violating these rules may result in a ban in the chat and can also lead to a ban on MuffTorrent.com
  • Above all, be friendly! We're all here because we want to be, none of us get paid to run this site
  • You may find other chat channels referring to MuffTorrent.com, but be aware that #MuffTorrent @ irc.lokitorrent.com is the only official one.

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