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Muff Torrent is fighting for your rights to freely share on the internet.

The MPAA is a large organization and this battle will not likely be easily won, even knowing that we are in the right. They have deep pockets and many attorneys and we are not a large corporation. We are one site taking the risk of standing up for everyone's rights.

This is looking to be a landmark case concerning your rights on the internet, and we need to be able to fight them through victory.

Any amount you can provide for the support of this case and the costs that come with it are greatly appreciated.

PS: This month's servers costs exceeded $4,000 (We use 1 Gigabyte of bandwidth every 3 minutes!) - This is hardly a cheap place to run, even if you don't wish to donate towards the legal fund, donate to keep this place running!

Our bills come in every month. Sending a smaller donation once per month makes it easier for you and helps us out just as much.
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Donating via postal mail

Although PayPal is a very trustworthy site (run by ebay.com), some people are simply not comfortable using a credit card online or simply don't have a credit card.

In an effort to provide a more direct way to donate, we have set up a PO Box you can send donations via cash. If you can, include a post card or a picture, as we always like to see with whom and where we're making a difference.
Thanks again,
The Muff Torrent team

Please address all cash donations to:
Muff Torrent.com
PO Box 7662
Portland, Maine 04112
United States of America

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