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If you login using this page and it comes back saying "Login Successful" and the following page asks for a login once again, you are blocking this site's cookie. Likely causes are some sort of ad filter (google toolbar or ad filtering software, maybe?) that is blocking your browser from accepting this site's cookie (there is only 1 cookie, but it must remain present throughout the session). We assure you, this is not an issue with the site, it is an issue with your local setup.

Standard ways to enable cookies inside of common browsers:

Internet Explorer
Select Internet Options from the Tools menu and either:

Internet Explorer 5
Select the Security tab, then Internet, then Custom Level. A new window will appear. Scroll down and select the option to 'Allow per session cookies'.

Internet Explorer 6
Select the Privacy tab, set the slider to Medium, and press the OK button. Alternatively, select Privacy then Advanced and tick the boxes next to 'Override automatic cookie handling' and set 'First-party Cookies' to 'Accept'.

(You can find out which version of Internet Explorer you are using by clicking 'Help' and then 'About Internet Explorer' on your browser menu.)

Netscape, Mozilla
Select Cookie Manager from the Tools menu and choose to 'Unblock [or Allow] cookies from this site'.

Select Options from the Tools menu, then select Privacy. Expand the Cookies heading and tick the box for 'Enable Cookies'.

Select Preferences from the Safari menu, then press the Security button and edit the Cookies setting.

As this is not a PC troubleshooting site, no support will be provided from the staff on this issue.

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